Canada’s Crazy COVID Plan For 2021

An email message from either a Liberal Party of Canada MP (elected member of parliament) or someone who works for the PMO (Prime Ministers Office) supposedly leaked some very concerning information regarding plans for the people of Canada during the ongoing COVID19 scamdemic. The information concerning the details of the plan apparently came from a PMO steered committee meeting of which this person was a party to. Continue reading “Canada’s Crazy COVID Plan For 2021”

Starting To Prep For The Long Haul

Thanks to all you preppers out there for sharing your tips and advice on how to store dry food such as rice, flour, oats etc.. In this short video, I do my best to show you how I went about prepping my dry goods. I am by no means an expert.


Canada in Crisis – Covid19 and Money Out of Thin Air

In this DisInfoNation podcast/video, I discuss the current crisis going on in our country that has more to due with the irresponsible borrowing of billions of dollars than a corona virus.