Happy VIRTUAL Thanksgiving Canada

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. This year’s Thanksgiving was especially significant since we were asked by our loving and caring leaders to have a ‘”virtual” Thanksgiving to limit the spread of COVID19. How that is done I’m not quite sure but you can bet the Prime Minister and his top aids were not following their own advice.



Trump’s Cave In

Recently, President Trump contracted the COVID19 illness and was hospitalised. He was released on October 5th and told the press that he understood the illness now and could relate to the people who had contracted and died from it. Given his stance since the outbreak, where he has been downplaying the illness, did he cave into the COVID19 scam a mere few weeks before the election and is he using this to gain votes or is he being forced to follow the script?


COVID-19 Testing… Why…

Why in the world are so many people getting tested for COVID19 right now which has been deemed a “mild” virus by the World Health Organisation. There may be other reasons for the fear tactic being employed and something bigger may be coming along that let make the WHO say “see, we told you it was bad”.



Have I become disillusioned…

Has my faith in humanity been crushed…

Ever since this Scamdemic started, I have been reading, watching and listening to many opinions on it. I think that there are quite a few people who know what is actually going on but that group of people is spread very thin and has been infiltrated by a lot of trolls. Continue reading “Disillusioned”

Wake Up! It’s Time to Take the Red Pill

We are running out of time to get this crazy train back on the tracks. If you still think, almost a year in, that COVID19 is a real pandemic that’s going to kill you, well I have something called a red pill that you need to take.


Today’s Continuing COVID19 Headlines of Doom and Gloom

Are you suffering from the same COVID19 daily news headlines that continue to border on the ridiculous? Day after day bringing you new tales of doom and gloom? Well you’re not alone as I go through the Canadian CV19 news stories of the day and debunk them in all of their glory.


CV19 Testing – DON’T DO IT!

Running down to get a CV19 test just because you or your children have a sniffle may not be the smartest choice you can make. This is because all of your information, including your DNA, is being registered and sent off to Google and Apple so that they and Big Brother can track you.


Drinking the Kool-Aid?

A lot of people are drinking the Kool-Aid right now. Maybe the Kool-Aid isn’t being spiked by cyanide but it’s about to get spiked by a vaccine. Trying to wake people up is all we can do but maybe it’s starting to get too little too late…


Remembering 911

We will never forget that tragic morning of September 11th 2001. All the innocent souls who lost their lives that day trapped in the twin towers and the brave first responder’s who risked and lost their lives trying to save their fellow human beings. This would be the event that sparked a serious turn in humanities direction and one which has permeated to today’s COVID19 Plandemic.