Have I become disillusioned…

Has my faith in humanity been crushed…

Ever since this Scamdemic started, I have been reading, watching and listening to many opinions on it. I think that there are quite a few people who know what is actually going on but that group of people is spread very thin and has been infiltrated by a lot of trolls. Continue reading “Disillusioned”

Our State of Health

Is our current state of health good? Are our immune systems operating at optimal levels to ward off pathogens such as the current virus seemingly bombarding the world right now in addition to the regular flu cycle? Likely the two viruses are being bundled together and being called COVID 19 just to keep the stats up. Either way they can affect our health, especially for people who already have a compromised immune system. Continue reading “Our State of Health”

Had Enough Yet?

Ok let’s see where we are on the map of doom.

Looks like the entire planet is blotched out. The big red number on the left is the number of “confirmed cases” and not the number of deaths since November 2019, in case you were wondering. No that death count is the plain white number over there on the right. Yes, a little over 400 thousand. Continue reading “Had Enough Yet?”